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I talk. A lot. I read. Quite a bit. I roll over and play dead a.k.a sleep. Whenever I can. I am a gourmand. Happily so. And this here's my mouthpiece for everything that catches my eye or I think about. It usually ends up being a doozy. Cheers!.
abol-tabol, addas, aphrodisiacs, arguing the whys&wherefores, ballads, bavarian alps, behavioral psych, berlioz, billy zane, bloody marys, bombastic bongs, bong humor, bong rock songs, books, bubble baths, carousels, cartoons, champagne&strawberries, chinese food, cinnamon sticks, cleavers, commitment-phobic men, coral reefs, corporate training modules, counseling, d.i.d, darkened corners, dissections, diu, dolphin pods, doofuses, e.e cummings, easter islands, edward lear, fiddler on the roof, finger painting, gadzillion pet peeves, gin'n'tonic, gondolas, gothic literature, graphology, gurukul under the trees, haaisen, haikus, horror movies, hugh jackman, hypnotherapy, instrus, isle of capri, jacuzzis, jonathan kellerman, kurkure, lemons, limericks, longfellow, m&bs, maya angelou, mayan ruins, mba students, medieval ages et al, megalomaniacs, mens' butts, metaphysical poetry :o), mudpies et al!, mushrooms, music, music-celtic, obelix, occult, odes, operas, organ transplantation, pan pipes, piano playing, piazza of venice, playdoh, polka dots, pottery, psychodiagnostic, quick-fix counsellings, raiding the fridge@ midnight, rebt, red devils, relationship dynamics, robert rost, ruins, schlongs!, security blankets, serial killers, sitar, slapstick comedy, sleeping bags, smell of wet earth, snakes, spas, specters, spike milligan, spontaneous photoshoots, stonehenge, symbology, t.a, t.s eliot, tarots, thanatology, the psychology symbol, the shrink's couch, toy trains, vampires, vendettas, venice, watching rain, weeping willows&pingu!!!, werewolves, writing diaries, yodelling, zombies